Find the correct code quality & security testing analyzers for your needs
Finding the right code quality & security testing analyzers used to be difficult. But now the information you need is right here, all in once place. Use Kompar (pronounced "compare") to find the right analyzers for you.
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Search for the right analyzers that meet your needs
Kompar makes it fast and easy to find the right code analysis tools. Filter analyzers by up to 70 different properties from the analyzers list page.

Easily learn about each analyzer
Kompar tracks up to 70 different properties across 7 categories for each analyzer in our catalog. Learn which capabilities you should consider when selecting analyzers and how different analyzers stack up relative to one another.
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Compare and contrast analyzers
We're working on a scoring system to rank analyzers based on your needs as well as compare analyzers side-by-side. These features will allow you to compare and contrast analyzer properties so that you can make the right choice.

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