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The Kompar catalog documents seven categories of properties for over 80 different software analyzers. You can sort and filter the catalog to learn which analyzers exist for your programming language and whether they have the features that you need. Use our analyzer recommender to learn which analyzers can detect the types of weaknesses that matter to you. Kompar aims to provide the information you need to make the right acquisition decisions.

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Learn More About Static Analysis

Static analysis tools are an important part of a mature software development pipeline. Static analyzers typically scan source code to find programming mistakes and style issues. To learn more about static analysis and where it's appropriate to use, browse our collection of articles.

Once you’ve decided to adopt static analysis, you have to decide which analyzer – or set of analyzers – will best meet your needs. Choosing the right analyzers can be difficult, but our informative guides and articles will help you through. To learn what to look for, click below.

Achieving success with software analysis requires careful integration with your development pipeline, configuration, and staff training. Tools offer diffirent deployment models and configuration options to suit your needs. Click below to learn about the best ways to integrate, roll out, and optimize your usage of analysis tools.

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The Kompar catalog of software analyzers

We developed Kompar to help improve the quality of software through the adoption of software analysis technologies.

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Kompar tracks up to 70 different software analyzer properties across 7 distinct categories. Learn which capabilities you should consider when selecting analyzers and how different analyzers stack up against one another. Our catalog helps you find the analyzers that best meet your needs.

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